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Low Energy Neurofeedback System(LENS) is a type of Biofeedback for the brain and Central Nervous System
LENS does not involve lengthy amplitude training, Instead it offers brief sessions or 2-6 seconds typically per site, and has no abreactions,  making this a more doable choice for individuals with sensory integration, migraines, ADHD or TBI.
LENS  takes EEG readings at the standard 10-20 biofeedback  locations on the head.

Traumatic Brain Injuries used to be thought to be lifetime 

impairments causing individuals distress and loss of function, Les Ochs updates our understanding of how to leverage the brain's capacity to heal itself

For individuals interested in keeping up to date on what brain science is discovering, here is an hour long talk by Dr. Stephen Larsen.
"Neurofeedback is one of the best ways to induce neuroplasticity"

This means neurons regenerate and brain injuries heal.
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